About me

I work in Media .

So My Names Rich , I’m a 44 year old single Guy Living in the East of England. 

I’m currently in Stage 2 of the adoption process and have decided to go it alone ! 

I’m fairly active My hobbies include Music, Films, Gym, Cooking, nutrition, Swimming.

I made this Blog because I wanted to share some of my adoption journey to becoming a Dad. 

The statistics for Adoption in the UK were surprising low when I looked into it and particularly for Single Adopters and then even more males. 

Singletons seems to be on the rise and the concept of a tradition 2 + 2 nuclear family seem to be on the decline.  So If this resources helps just one person decide they want to go ahead through the process . It will make me a really Happy Chap!

I think there other people blogging who are much more experienced and well trained than me but I’m hoping the blog evolves past just my journey so maybe someone somewhere will find a little ray of light to take away. 

Through my journey so far I’ve found that other people experience are far more valuable that pages in text books … So … let give this a go ! 

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